Wednesday, 3 April 2013

EDU Maths -3/4/2013 (Day Three)

Today's first topic of discussion have me thinking about how we look at teaching  Maths  through nursery rhymes. Interesting as it may seem there are many concepts we can teach the children with  simple rhymes. Concepts such as height, measurement, classification ,counting and problem solving.

Teaching children in preschool have to be revise in order to help the children understand and learn basic concepts of Maths before they progress to  higher level thinking. It not only starts with the school curriculum and teachers, but home learning as well. We will need to provide the children a balanced learning programme so that they could progressively work on their skills in any subjects.

There are  things that children need to know before going  to primary school. They are daily language; instructional language, where children follows teachers instructions. The other is visualization. They need to have strong grounding in visual literacy, fine motor skills, physical activities or concrete thinking. All these are vital in the development of early years.  As preschool teachers we need to teach only pre numeracy skills. e.g. counting, sorting one-to-one etc.

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