Sunday, 7 April 2013

EDU 330 Maths (Day 5)

Throughout all the lessons, Mr Yeap  was constantly emphasizing the importance of using the correct words or phrases when giving instructions to young children. He mentioned that the Kindergarten 2 child must be able to work with 1 noun. e.g. the child needs to understand that 10 is referred to 10 one's. That it is not the size of number but the understanding of the value. I found out today that the connecting cubes are good materials to use for young children when learning about counting in 10's.

As teachers we need to enrich the children learning instead of accelerating  their learning. These children need to improve on their social, language and psychomotor skills to help them in their Primary One learning.

Dienes theory of variability teaches us when we choose materials to teach children we have to be careful; this  refers to the numerosity or cardinality and the choice of material is important. He suggest that children should learn with different variables e.g colours, shapes.

The interesting lesson I felt was for the day was learning about area of polygon. Many of them have their idea of ways to find the area of polygon e,g, cutting it up(which was quite hard to see), cut and paste, finding half of a rectangle and subtracting way.
A good formula I have learnt is  :

A=x + y/2 - 1
A=x + 4/2 - 1
A=x + 1
y= number of dots on the sides ( when we were finding the area of polygon)

Algebra has always been my weakest topic. I  need to practice more to understand it clearer.

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